The Traces of Ali and Love for Ali in Personal Names in Iğdir according to a Cadastral Register dated 1727


  • Mehmet Salih Erpolat Dicle Üniversitesi Edebiyat Fakültesi Tarih Bölümü



Ali, Love for Ali, Revan Sanjak, Iğdir, Cadastral Register, Personal Names


Located in Ottoman Archives of the Prime Ministry in Istanbul under number 901, the cadastral register dated 1728 concerning the province of Revan is used as a source in this paper. This paper identifies and analyzes personal names used by Muslim people who lived in Surmeli, Aralik ve Igdir districts that were parts of the Revan Sanjak in 1728 and today are forming the province of Igdir. The personal name choices, such as Ali, Nur Ali, Ali Kulu, Ali Verdi, Merd Ali, Kılıç Ali, Genç Ali, Kadim Ali, Nazar Ali, Şah Ali, Ali Merdan, Sultan Ali, Mehdi Ali, Masun Ali, Can Ali, Dost Ali, Dem Ali, Bende Ali, Gök Ali, Aşur Ali, Ali Timur, Ali Rıza, Seydi Ali, Hüseyin Ali, Ali Hüseyin, Dergâh Kulu, Şah Kulu, Yol Kulu, Niyaz Kulu, Rıza Kulu, Şah Verdi, Şah Kerem, Şah Geldi, Şah Hüseyin, Hayır Ali, Haydar Ali, Imam Kulu, Dem Kulu, Ocak Kulu, Şahım Kulu, Yar Kulu, Muhib Hüseyin, Muhib Ali, Şir Ali, Bayram Ali, Gül Ali, Muhib, Halife Kulu, Hüseyin Kulu, Pir Ocağı, made by people living in the villages in the Igdir province, also offer an insight into the matter of the local community’s belief. Historical traces of the Ali’s reflection in personal and geographical names will be enlightened by specifying the places in which personal names, that bear the trace of Ali and love for Ali, are used most often. Some of the principles of giving name among Turks will be explained also with the examples of male names other than Ali, used in the Igdir region during the first half of the 18th century. It appears that data in cadastral registers is not only an important source about economic, administrative and belief structure of regions, but also a raw and important source for identifying and evaluating personal and geographical names used in the past.


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