The Comparıson Between Faıth Practıces Of Alawıs In Eskısehır Cıty And Cubuk Regıon


  • M. Sezai Türk Gazi University
  • Ahmet Bıyık Gazi University
  • Ahmet Güven Gazi University
  • Ayşe İşi Gazi University



Alewihood, Talip, Cem, Musahiplik


The comparison between Alawis in Eskişehir city and Çubuk district of Ankara has been examined according to regions in this study with the perception and practices of Alewihood values in society in many respects,. Method of field research has been used in order to identify Alewi culture practices and current situation of Alewi society in Eskişehir city and Alewi villages of Çubuk district. Since there isn’t an exact number of Alewi population in provinces that hold the large mass, while choosing areas for samples, method of snowball sampling has been used. Taking the sample’s representation situation of the universe into consideration, 438 survey areas have been contacted via village headmen, Alewi associations and djemevis, and the questionnaire has been carried out through method of face to face conversation. After removing some questionnaires which include lack of observations, the total number is 420. By using the same method –Method of Snowball Sampling- 750 questionnaire results have reached to survey area, Eskişehir. However, when missing questionnaire and the people who haven’t answered the questions are removed, the number has decreased 408.

In Çubuk district, the questionnaire has been applied to 420 Alewi citizens in 20 villages, the faith practices of Alewihood and Bektashism have been asked to villagers and the results and materials achieved during the study are analyzed through dividing into categories. The same survey has been carried out in the center district of Eskişehir city and results achieved at 408 samples who completed the questionnaire entirely and results achieved in Çubuk region have been compared.

In the study, it has been noticed that both of Alewis of Eskişehir and Çubuk region chosen as samples know Alewihood values and concepts, besides these values and concepts are significantly apparent in their living practices.


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Türk, M.S., Bıyık, A., Güven, A. and İşi, A. 2014. The Comparıson Between Faıth Practıces Of Alawıs In Eskısehır Cıty And Cubuk Regıon. Journal of Alevism-Bektashism Studies. 10 (Dec. 2014), 215–234. DOI: