Alevi-Sunni Conflicts At Great Seljukian State


  • Ergin Ayan Ordu University



Alevids, Seljukians, Islamic Thought


Alevism, no doubt, is one of the most complex topics and demanding multidis- ciplinar researches in the history of Islamic thought. History of Alevism is not impor- tant about it being a belief system but also the information given by Great Seljukian History sources. On of the most remarkable aspects of Alevism History is the relying of concept of Alevizm much earlier then XIth century. The spreading of Alevizm in Iraq, Iran, Turkistan, Azerbaijan and Caspian cost at the time of Umayyads and Abbasids is a seperate question. What were Alevids feeling after the Abbasid Revolution?. Historical sources about Great Seljukians are showing interesting views. How did Alevism spread among Turks and created a myth. Those questions are not easy to answer. One shoud collect historical data and analyze them with experiences of Alevids. The answers to those questions must provide some leads about those pe- oples social and political behaviors. In this study, we tried to reflect the mass actions of the layers od society under the rule of Seljuk state on the basis of the state’s appro- aches to them and their specific denominational beliefs. By this study we will have been investigated the thoughts and actions of Alevis among Seljukian community retsopectively.


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